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    Online Business Startups - Buy A Website, Great Opportunities
    “Work from home running your own websites!”

    You’ve heard it all before. The sad truth is that many so-called "work from home business opportunities" are a goldmine only for those who are selling them. In a recent report, the US Federal Trade Commission states that in actions against more than 200 fraudulent operations, they find that consumers have lost over 100 million dollars to these scoundrels!

    The best online opportunity continues to be to develop your own business! Content websites are a fantastic low-key way to get visitors and keep them coming back. However, finding a good business idea, registering a domain, purchasing hosting, designing a site and filling it with content can make an online business opportunity a time consuming and expensive enterprise. Give some thought to buying your own web site today.

    In the web sites for sale below, we have done the groundwork for you! Running your own web site is a great way to build up part-time income. Spending an hour or two a day promoting your site to build good, steady traffic puts a pile of options at your feet!

    -Direct traffic to your other sites to build success with new ideas.
    -Sell the traffic to other sites.
    -Make money from affiliate programs
    -Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.
    -Run Google Adsense on your website.
    -Sell advertising banners on your site.
    -Re-sell the site.

    Once you have your own website the next step is advertising and marketing. Learn search engine optimization yourself or consider hiring a local search marketing company, we use www.torontoSEOfirm.com
    Premium Web Portals For Sale
    Ride the Internet Evolution

    Most of you have already heard of how the internet is changing the face of advertising, marketing and sales but have you figured out a way to get involved and profit from this golden opportunity?

    Owning a ‘real’ internet business is a great way to earn part-time income today and cultivate a successful business for tomorrow. Whether your dream is to be your own boss or retire at an early age an online business could be the right move for you. Running an online business offers many benefits over a regular brick and mortar store. Firstly you don’t have to worry about high over-head like rent, utilities, repairs or renovations. Secondly your potential marketplace is multiplied exponentially because the entire world is easily accessed. Thirdly you will be involved in an industry that has enormous growth potential. And finally you will have access to multiple streams of income, for example in a typical ‘portal’ you can earn money through; text link ads on the directory, adsense or other 3rd party advertising, directory submissions and from selling blog post advertising.

    www.Portal4Health.com - Family Health Information Portal and Directory $6,500 - established June 2007
    www.CLRD.ca - Legal Listing and Article Directory Portal $5,500 - established April 2007
    www.Portal4Music.com - Online Music News, Commentary, Information and Directory $7,500 - established August 2007
    www.Portal4Finance.com - Finance Resources Portal and Directory $5,000 - established September 2007
    www.TopUrlSearch.com - Unique Bid Web Search Directory Portal $7,000 - established July 2007
    www.Portal4Canada.com - Canadian Focused Information and News Portal $5,500 - established September 2007
    www.Portal4Fashion.com - Fashion Focused Information and News Portal $4,500 - established September 2008
    www.Portal4Travel.com - World Travel Focused Information and News Portal $4,500 - established September 2008

    Or get your own custom designed portal for only $3,500 (you choose the niche).

    What the purchaser receives:

    -A premium domain name
    -One year hosting
    -An established website
    -One year unlimited email support
    -One hour on-site training

    What is required?

    -Computer knowledge equal to operating Word for Windows
    -A Paypal account
    -Internet connection

    No advanced programming or computer operation experience is needed to run these sites. All are run with menu driven back-end scripts.
    Custom Site Creation Package - Introductory Pricing!
    We have received numerous requests for a Custom Website Creation Package, so here it is!

    For the second half of 2010 we will offer it at the low introductory price of $799.99 that is a $200.00 savings!

    The Custom Blog Creation Package includes;

    -An original custom logo.
    -Fully customized site set-up with Wordpress, which will offer you a complete back-end administration system for running your site and keeping it up-to-date.
    -Manual submission to 50 directories.
    -Six months of hosting.
    -SEO (search engine optimization) of your site.
    -Keyword research to determine the best performing keywords.
    -Lifetime email support for the original owner.
    -Color and content will be customized to your requirements and will include at least 2 original articles or other original content.
    -Includes installation of up to 3 extra modules.

    Contact Us Today To Transform Your Ideas Into Reality.
    Posted by admin on 2010/7/8 16:08:55 (1398 reads)

    People have heard others talk about starting online business ventures and have become extremely interested in learning more about online businesses. However, many individuals do not know the range of options when it comes to starting an online business. The following paragraphs will highlight some online business ventures that may peak one’s interest.

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    Posted by admin on 2010/7/8 16:07:11 (1246 reads)


    Perhaps one of the primary reasons for choosing to start an online business is the convenience, which underlies this concept. It is not very often that an office will let you come to work in a pair of shorts and t-shirt or show up around 11 a.m.

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    Posted by admin on 2010/7/8 15:59:56 (1405 reads)

    Starting an online business is a very popular thing to do these days. Not only are online business ventures a great way to make a good income, they are also quite convenient as well. Prior to starting an online business, there are 5 things, which one should consider.

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